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Threads you consider gems on this board

I've not been around EAB as long as some of you veterans, but the time spent here has been very enjoyable. Thank you all for this gem of a board. For it's here where I feel the Amiga will never die and retro gaming will always have a home in our hearts and minds.

*sniff*, this is too much, I think I'm going to cry

Ok enough of the water works, but I hope that's gotten you all in the mood for my next ambitious rant :smoking

While looking through some older threads I realised this board has some fantastic intellectual input and a wealth of enjoyable posts. This got me thinking; why not draw on this fact and celebrate!

In order for newer members to catch up with the great history of this board and even revive one or two A* threads, why not link some of the older topics you consider good right here, bragging rights encouraged

We can have a kind of EAB Oscars ceremony where threads can be linked, a few comments splashed around and categories for “best of” (and “worst of”) decided.

Then we can have a new thread casting votes for each of the “best of” to decide the final honours.

Rck could perhaps then create a new topic section containing the winning threads!

It’s like nostalgia within, er, nostalgia!

Ok, perhaps the above is a little ambitious and yes I know it’s not April the 1st, but are any of you guys interested?

Be honest, I’m thick skinned.

If you are up 4 it nominate some threads!

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