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Originally posted by Dastardly
Great artwork DPainter.
I too was into drawing with Dpaint. I started with DPaint2 and progressed upto 3 and then 4.
While trying not to sound like a bighead here, my own artwork was also of a very high standard. I would love to share it, but its forever locked on my old floppy disks because I dont have the know how to transfer it from Amiga to PC. I probably have about 10 disks in total of work from the beginning to when I actually got any good. I was often accused of lying and told I couldnt have drawn what I was showing my friends. To me though this was the highest compliment they could give me.
My best pieces were of a mock Alien breed 2 screen shot which I spent approx 3 hours on, another character for the game CHAOS ENGINE, a pic of a Gameboy, which I was told looked photo realistic and countless font designs and level objects for a game that never saw the light of day.

Id love to see those pics again but really cant be arsed with connecting my Amiga to the PC.
Glad to see another pixel mover on here. I'm sure we'd all like to see your work. The easiest way I've found to transfer standard Amiga DOS disks is by hooking up a second floppy drive to my PC and using the program DISK2FDI. I've done that and dumped 100s of disks. I suppose you could also format PC floppies to 720k and use CrossDOS, if you have it already.
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