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sorry for bending this off topic people but the ps3 does not serve right in Linux as it was benched by several respected forums roughly under a 1.6Ghz G5 and if there were tasks that demanded more memory the PS3 would choke . I have my self tried PS3 linux and stuff like open office feels dead slow like a older Celeron . Not too say the cell could not have done better job "it could" the Linux distro is not fully optimized for PS3 as well as 512 more memory would serve it better as well . I am afraid PS3 is just a game\multimedia box. A full scaled cell workstation would be interesting though...

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pc emulating a dreamcast emulating a psx emulating the amiga emulating the spectrum?
Has anyone tried this yet ? I cant as i dont have a DC emulator (never seen one ) As well as i am not home with my proper computer ,,,
I think the limitation may lay were the emulator does not give the dreamcast more cpu power than what the DC has ? for the rest so i gues it would be a great slowdown ...
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