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Would you like to be in an Amiga game?

Hey everyone! Some of you might already know that we're working on a platform game for classic Amigas, which will hopefully be released this year. It's a Halloween-themed platform adventure for all ages, particularly aimed at kids. In the game, you play a girl who goes out Trick or Treating with her friend, but then all sorts of strange things happen and she has to explore a bunch of levels and battle plenty of nasty enemies. The story is revealed as you play. During the game, you meet other kids who are out trick or treating, as well as adults who answer the door in costumes and give you candy, and we'd like to offer you the chance to have your own character in the game, based on a Halloween costume you or your kids have worn before.

If you think this is a neat idea, link me a photo and our pixel artist will try his best to make a character based on the costume in the photo.

At Underground Arcade, we hope to involve the Amiga community as much as possible in our productions, so if a cutesy platform game isn't to your liking, perhaps one of our other projects may interest you. We'll reveal more about our other games later, but until then, anyone who would like to be in our Halloween Nightmare game, post us a pic!

Thanks everyone

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