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Which version of DOpus are you using?

Assuming you are using 4.x (the best, IMHO) and you have already downloaded the LHA archive, copy the LHA executable to your C: directory. Then, go to the Configuration part in DOpus, select Buttons, and add a new one somewhere.

The way I have mine setup is to extract the file into my RAM: dir and I can deal with it there (that way, you don't add extra fragmentation to your drives, plus in the event of a crash, your drive won't un-validate because data was being written to it.)

My button is called LHA>RAM and I have the command selected to AmigaDOS with the string:

LHA X {f} RAM:

For flags, I have checks by Do All Files and Output window. And that's it. Has worked for me for nearly 10 years now, I think.
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