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Originally Posted by RedskullDC View Post

Few questions:

OS Version? (3.x I guess with a 68LC040)
MUI version? (3.8?)
NList.mcc version?
(using "20.111 [060]" this end, though that's probably out of date?)

Will need this info to try and replicate the problem here.

OS 3.9 with 68LC040
MUI 3.8
NList version comes from the archive 0.101 (i think the last)

Now using the 0.100 all things are ok, but i don't know if it's for no FPU or bugs in the last release of NList.

YAM developers told me last release don't work without FPU so now i am using 2.4r1 succesfully.
Same problem using NewsCoaster and Simplemail....

Hope this helps...
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