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Originally Posted by PaulyQ View Post
OK, just been having a chat with the wife about a game she used to play on my PC back in 1998/99 time(roughly) and I simply can't fathom out what game it is(or which platform as I had an expanded Amiga A1200 at the time as well as a PC with various emulators)

Apparently it is very similar to Aladdin but in 3D - 3rd person. I first thought of something along the lines of Pandemonium 2, after reloading it up and using a glide wrapper she has decided that that isn't it. She also mentioned it was a jump n run type of thing. She remembers pots being thrown out of windows but am not sure if she is getting confused with the 2D Aladdin game?

Any idea's ??
Bullfrogs 'Magic Carpet' ?

Time and description sounds right.
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