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If you know it was a joke then why did you dignify it with a responce explaining your opinion?

As for the joke I think you did think it was funny.
"Evertime we break our highest scores or add a save game file, we'll have to send it to TOSEC, so they can verify and add it to their list." -> Very funny.
Your last to words interest me, you said Very funny, meaning you thought it was funny, no Very funny? Or do you post things you don't mean?

PS. Used the (your?) DAT for renaming Alien Breed Tower Assault downloaded from PE2000, only renamed disk 1 though, none of the others(I had renamed them to Disk 1 and so on and was using clrmamepro).

Anyho' keep up the good work and good luck, however IMO it has little use for me as the end user.

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