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Two/three potential entries:

- Glory days (GBA) and Glory Days 2 (DS).
As that review ( ) says it's 'Choplifter meets Rescue Raiders meets Wings of Fury'.

I stumbled upon the GBA game and immediately thought of Wings of fury since you fly in a zoomed view when close to the ground and unzoomed view when high in the air. It is a chopper you pilot though.
I didn't enjoy the game very much but I only played a few minutes so I guess I'll have to give it another try later. And of course test the DS game too.

- Racing gears advance (GBA) feels quite inspired by Supercars ( ). It is a racing game in some sort of isometric view, which includes some weaponry. I didn't play thoroughly so I could not unlock all of them (according to a FAQ, there notably missiles ) so I only could use nitro or oil slick. Seemed quite enjoyable, thinking of playing it further later on.
Of course, I had forgotten to tell you have to collect money so that you can get the many other than weapon upgrades to manage (tyres, engines...), repair your car etc... The only scenery hazard I encounterd (there are probably more) was falling into the water in circuits with a river, on unprotected sections of the road. There is probably some fun to have pushing enemies out...

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