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my noodle is still baking on how you can remember it....

Originally Posted by mrbob2
.... bliggle blim... blah... blum....

My father, the man responsible for "getting my mum up the duff" gave me the money and i proceeded to Gordon Harwoods computer shop and purchased the card with the money my father (He who humped me ma) gave me.

Thats how i remember it anyway.
but how could you remember it.... where you there ? this is contradictory of space time... and you KNOW how that goes down on these Boards MR!

in this forum we respect the quantum dynamity but we will not have such perverse and heretical views where time travel is possible.... we wont.... and not one of us will just idly type by and pretend thats not what you are doing...

I shall call forth the Double D Delicious Damien, and he will strike you down as the Vengeful Mod that his is.... thats MOD spelt with a G ....

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