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Re: goes like this

Originally posted by xamigax
as confirmed by original owner, its amiga 1200 in ez tower, with 16 MB Ram, Paravision 1230 accelerator card, scsi hdd 3 GB, 24 speed cdrom, kickstart 3.1 OS amiga 3.5, NO ZORRO I &II board !
shall i go for the mediator option ? that means scrap the paravision right ?
I suggest going for the Mediator PCI board. It will work fine with the 030 card (check the specs on the link in my previous post for the Mediator card). With the Mediator you can buy cheap PCI cards including graphics, sound, TV tuner and ethernet cards. Zorro cards on the other hand are increasingly hard to come by and quite expensive both new and secondhand. Some are also quite outdated in terms of performance. For instance, a Voodoo 3/4/5 graphics is far superior to a Picasso IV, especially on fast systems with 060 accelerators. I have a Voodoo 3 card myself in my A4000/060. It is so much faster than the CybervisionPPC graphics card (Permedia 2 chip) that I used to run. In any case, if your predominant use for your A1200/030 is to play games, then a graphics card might be grossly underutilised. If you have more serious uses, then a graphics card and 040/060 accelerator are probably a good idea. A4000T's are very nice, but are generally expensive to buy 2ndhand. Good luck with it all!
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