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Hey, cool that you do stuff for Amiga

I already have a Cocolino - but might be interested if it's better than Cocolino. Cocolino has this strange (short) delay, which messes up mouse games. Also, in games that have no sensitivity (dpi) setting, which is true for 99% of the games, optical mice have way too high DPI - which makes them very hard to play.

On a side note, it would be interesting if it supports 3 buttons like some Amiga mice back in the day.

For DPaint and anything running under the OS I think it will work excellently - although Prefs in Workbench 2.0 should have a setting below the lowest, still very high sensitivity at "1". Perhaps there are drivers for this?

Sorry for asking so much, just didn't find this info on the webpage. And I think you are too modest - make a great product and don't be afraid to make money off it
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