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However, if I connect the a1200, and WinXP to the router, then to the cable modem box, I find that I end up having 2 interface profiles in
Miami DX. 1) DHCP for internet and 2) Static Config for local area networking.
I don't see the reason why you would need two interfaces when connected to the router. Especially that "DHCP for internet" is nonsense. When you are connected to the router you cannot access the internet directly. All accesses go through the router. If you enable DHCP you get a dynamic (LAN) address frrom the router, but you can still not directly access the internet. If you call an internet address, the Amiga sends the request to the router and the router routes it into the internet. The router hides your computers from the internet. You build a LAN with all your computers with one interface and one IP address each. The router manages all internet accesses automatically. The router is the only machine in your network which has two IP addresses: one public for internet and one private for LAN.

You can choose whether you use static IP addresses or DHCP for your Amiga's one LAN interface. Both will work. But you cannot have direct and indirect internet access at the same time.
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