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Miami DX Dilemma

Hiya folks,

I'm using Miami DX as the TCP/IP stack on my a1200, so I can browse
the internet through a router and also to network a Windows XP box for filesharing, AExplorer etc via a 3com 3c589D-Combo (3c589d.device)

The problem I seem to have is:

If the a1200 is connected directly to the cable modem, and Miami DX is
configured to DHCP all works fine, but it means I can't have a local area
network, obviously.

However, if I connect the a1200, and WinXP to the router, then to the cable modem box, I find that I end up having 2 interface profiles in
Miami DX. 1) DHCP for internet and 2) Static Config for local area networking. (Only allowing one online to the 3c589d.device at a time.)

I can't seem to amalgamate the two into one profile. Miami DX seems to get all upset, then I get upset and start having tantrums.

Could it be that my ISP only allows one MAC address too, hmmm. Is this
part of my problem.

Thanks for any suggestions,

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