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Originally Posted by alanwall View Post
ok I have it installed and working but it does not like it when I chose 060 in the config and I do have all the 060 parts installed.Yam and Ibrowse guru with a 8---b. This is strange as I can use the 060 option with Amikit and don't get the guru ? Thanks !
To the 68060 supports does not burn if you set the emulator. Special "library" is needed, that real 68060 processors emulate. You claim it vain 68060 CPUS emulation, if is not into the system the equivalent driving. You may take it to reason when the system comes in , in a header CPU:68040, yet 68060 settings. With what they are not the suitable driving programs.

This totally normal if he is 68060 with a setting, and you rehearse it in the deficiency of a driving program. Like that as if PC ATI/NVIDIA you would want to look at a 3D mark without a driver

What you have to make:

Start AmigaSYS 4 with 060 setting, wait and booting system. Added P5-SystemDISK431 into df0:, start filemaster left side:


Right Side:

Copy 68040.library, 68040new.library, and 68060.library Df0:->System:Libs.

Put floppy, and reset emulation. And looks at the header CPU:68060

This an neat REAL 68060 emulation!

But why you want 68060 one on an emulator to emulate? (special 68060 program or other?)

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