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Individual Computers releases their Microsys V3 probably very soon.

A few months ago, we have bought the "Micromys" design from Marko Herold. We have continued development of the C64 mouse adapter, and we'll release it under the name "Micromys V3" during the first quarter of 2008. High compatibility with PS2 mice will remain, and USB-mice that support PS2 protocol are automatically switched to that mode. The new adapter can be configured for different target systems by DIP switches:
  • C64: 1351 proportional mouse emulation with wheel-extension
  • C64: Joystick emulation
  • Amiga: 3-button mouse without drivers
  • Amiga: 3-button wheelmouse with Freewheel-driver
  • Atari ST: 2-button mouse
Micromys V3 can of course be used on other retro-systems that use a 9-pin Sub-D connector for game controllers, such as Atari 8-bit machines, Schneider, Amstrad and MSX.
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