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P2AM -- PS/2 mouse for your 16-bit Atari/Amiga

Dear Amiga users,

we have some nice stuff for your beloved machines. We've got tired by fixing old Atari/Amiga mices, "spamming" recent Atari/Amiga dealers / hardware makers if they really are out of stock with Atari/Amiga mices and/or converters for connecting some recent (PS/2, USB) ones.

Fortunately (for you we have made a decision to produce own batch of hardware. What is this all about? Yes, we're going to produce completely new batch of PS/2 adapters for every Atari/Amiga 16-bit computer! You can use any PS/2 mouse and connect it to your Atari/Amiga. No need for soldering or changing the original case -- everything fits into nice little box connected by thin cable directly to your mouse port.

In case you already owns our previous piece of hardware -- SatanDisk -- you're aware of the fact we mean it seriously, you can count on quality, good support and communication and mainly -- damn fair prize! One PS/2 converter (we call it P2AM -- as PS/2 to Atari/Amiga Mouse) will cost you only 15 Euros! Compare that prize to PeST or any other PS/2 converter...

And finally, you can ofcourse buy (nearly) any of that fancy USB->PS/2 converters and connect USB mouse to your Atari/Amiga in this way!

Since the SatanDisk production we gained also a lot of experiences and got quite a feedback from you, users, we've completely remade our "business websystem", you're going to be damn surprised how friendly and professional looking is now

One last note: there wont be pre-order phase. So please take a very good look, when is the deadline for payment shipping. After this date we can't guarantee you will be able to buy anything. And of course, please, tell all your Atari/Amiga friends about this, you wouldn't believe how very late we received some requests for SatanDisk availability... be careful this time!

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