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"it seems silly to use ROM tools like ROMCenter with Amiga disks" -> of course it is silly, but what else should we use? unless someone programs a tool that is able to check & identify ADF files on a file system level the ADF's crc value is the only way we have of recognizing & labelling a certain disk.
"the long filenames of the TOSEC naming system will not work on a real Amiga" -> there is something called TNC (TOSEC Naming Convention, available here ) that we renamers have to stick to. the renaming method you propose provides for short filenames, alright, but as i stated earlier, the whole point of our renaming is to come up with long, descriptive filenames. if you don't like that naming style, don't use the TOSEC dats.

"If someone save the highscore, the guys from TOSEC have to add this as a "new" version of the game." -> you can save as many highscores as you want to, as long as you keep those 'modified' ADF images for yourself and don't distribute them on the net.

"I think that the TOSEC Amiga set contains many images *not* marked as bad, but being bad, having track errors and all that stuff. " -> given the large number of ADF files in the TOSEC dat, we can't realistically check every single one of them for track errors and stuff like that. what we usually do is we load up the game, check if it is playable in the emus, and if it's not it gets a [b] marker... that doesn't mean it is a bad dump, it might just as well be a emulation problem. if you happen to know for sure that such and such file in our dat is bad, PLEASE message us.

"I might think the image is bad, and delete it." -> LOL. Who said that images that aren't recognized by the TOSEC dat are bad? The dat is still being worked on and far from complete. I'm sure there's plenty of people with lots of unrecognized images - most of them will be added to the dat sooner or later. Patience, dudes!

"Evertime we break our highest scores or add a save game file, we'll have to send it to TOSEC, so they can verify and add it to their list." -> Very funny. If you have disks with savegames and stuff like that, don't expect us to include them in the dat. If you want those renamed, you'll have to do it yourself.

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