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WARNING this CD might not contain the music from Xenon II (but for £2.99 maybe it's worth the risk?)

The Bomb the Base track from Xenon II (Megablast -Hip Hop On Precinct 13 Mix-) is the 'B' side to the single "Dont Make me Wait", but there was another track from Bomb the Bass called Megablast which sounds nothing like it! (Some sort of RAP version)

As a kid I was very pissed off when I bought a Bomb the Bass Greatest hits with Megablast on the track list got it home only to find it wasnt the right one! It was another mix.

AFAIK the Xenon II track is only on the album "INTO THE DRAGON", the single "Don't Make me Wait" and Megablast CDTV

If someone buys this CD, please post back.

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