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Originally Posted by alexh View Post
Sorry but that has to be rubbish.

Amikit cannot distribute kickstart files at all (and they certainly cant distribute cloanto ones). The user has to provide them.

I do not own your Cloanto ROM, but the number within it must be a fake.

Cloanto has done no work AFAIK to upgrade their kickstart images.
I never say that Cloanto distribute KickROM. I say that the KickROM i use with Amikit (And maybe it's the default found in the Amikit archive... i repeat _MAYBE_) and has as comment "A4000 KickROM by Cloanto". If i do a "version" i get a number of kickstart higher than the one used by me in real Amiga environment. Do not know if it's fake or not...
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