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Originally Posted by alexh View Post
Sigh... a naked girl in my bedroom... hmmm

Cough... erm... yes well... Of course I've had a girlfriend in the last 10 years...honest! What do you take me for?? Some sort of geek?
Fred does not count as 'the girl'.

1. get married

2. playing all cool consoles of the time on my PC, as well all arcade from my childhood.

3. playing AMIGA games on my PC. And not just Amiga 500 games, but all of them)

4. playing Amiga games without disk swapping. Thank you WHDLoad team!!!

5. getting all games I liked from the time for free or for very little money

6. having the president who speaks less english then I do

7. paying for gallon of fuel more then a buck

8. work as IT... something

9. fall of sega

10. fall of nintendo (will not happen any time soon )
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