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CyberRace PC 1993 and Roketz from 1996!

I dont know if anyone remember CyberRace in the old Amiga mags but it was supposed to be released on Amiga in September 1993 but never surfaced , it did however on the PC the same year on Disk and CD-ROM. The game consists of racing in several voxel-space created stages and races are played from a 1st person perspective and features the designs of famed artist/designer Syd Mead. If anyone is interested in trying this "lost Amiga game" I'll be happy to give you a spin at the PC version pictured and the other game

Roketz or Roket+z as it says on the cover/ingame is another interesting game to note. It appeared first on the Amiga as shareware back in 1994, later in 2002 it was given freeware status. This PC edition is from 1996 and is based on the Amiga version by The Farm with CD audio included
Download: Track15

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