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I know for fact that you dont want all this brought up in public forums, YOU know there is a lot more than just a last minute message and BAN, this forum is not the place to dissucss or disseminate such information,

It not for AmiBay that i say this, because as AmiDev i keep an eye on how things develop, I consider myself VERY lucky to be part of a great passionate team. If you really wish to have an open discussion about it, then contact Merlin, and he will sort that out. but trying to rally people to your cause by spamming Forum sites is not the way. and please be cautious, when people find out the crap you have been pulling i doubt you will have that many friends left in the community less any supporters.

I fail to see why you want to turn this thread into a "AmiBay hating thread" just because you ignored the rules, constant requests, and insulting Amibay staff when asked to comply to the VERY SIMPLE RULES time and time again. infact. if you continue with this.. i will request this thread locked and you can go piss and moan on another Forums Board, not EAB i love it too much.
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