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I will say that the email address isn't even half of issues here, but this is not something i really should get into here or anywhere really. If DJBase wants to play the Hard Done By me card thats fine. I can pretty much guarantee that if i was to disseminate the reasons here, (which is not my place to do) you would all understand why he was banned.

Its a shame that DJBase believes that AmiBay is not for him, I have hoped that when his temper had calmed down and realized the issues this would of been a moote point. instead of spamming every Amiga Community Forum with his HURT feelings.

Personally i have nothing against DJBase, infact from my consult and discussions here I have found him a nice chap to chat with, however, this is not so for the staff whom were trying to help on AmiBay.

Its always hard and quite damming when staff have to make a decision of banning a member, it is always seen as bad moderation, when there was little choice left to do.
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