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I am glad i can count on your support (hey my own mother says worse ), indeed, its very touching to have the community as a whole with us in support.

My hope is that AmiBay can pay you all back for that which you have given us!

AmiBay is a great way to trade within the community, with simple practices to make sure that each one of us is safe in our trading. We do out best to stop those that would abuse our members.

Theres nothing wrong with a differing opinion, and I would like to say that i am sorry you feel the way that you do about Amibay, but i honestly dont.

I have read all the correspondence that has transpired, and indeed, I really don't say this lightly you deserve the ban that you have received. I wont disseminate here as there is no need.

Unfortunately you are convinced and will not take any of the things people have asked you on board, at least in this respect you have my sympathy. I do hope you take this time to grow a little and i also hope that in this you can understand why, when this is the case AmiBay will be ready for you.
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