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Morons, eh?

You were warned about the unauthorised use of images owned by an Amibay admin on your website, and you also chose to use the Amibay name in an e-mail address for yourself without asking permission from the site Administrators.

I am Head Moderator, part time Admin and a co-owner of the site and you chose to be arrogant, ignore us and became abusive via PM, in response to a series of perfectly reasonable requests to remove off-site links from your signature.

This was correctly escalated by a Moderator to the site Admins for action and you were abusive in response to a final warning ultimatum from a site Admin, how else did you expect to be treated?

In short, you didn't read, and flagrantly breached, our site rules.

From what we know about you, you attract complaints like the proverbial attracts flies......

Now who's the moron?

Enough said on the matter, I suppose you thought we wouldn't get wind of this post on here for a while, guess again.

Head Moderator

PS - where next? I can follow you all night......and if I don't, another Admin will....
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