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You claimed the adfs in the list to be Non-TOSEC. That simply isn't true. So just be a little bit more careful with these assertions. That's it
when i said non-TOSEC, i mean't that the filename was not in TOSEC form.

I am not trying to con anyone, you are welcome to request anything from my list or visit emuchina etc.. if you want the filename to coinside with TOSEC...

I can't believe that you are being so rude to me, when all i wanna do is help out other people, if someone knows about TOSEC then they probably do what i do and make sure i download TOSEC stuff from a reliable source.

I like TOSEC, i think it is a great idea, it brings emulation up to a standard, which is no bad thing, but i have to say "if you want the filenames in TOSEC form, then do not request anything from my list"

if however, you are new to Amiga emulation, don't know/care about TOSEC or not that big into emulation, you'd rather just request a game and get on playing it, then request something from my list...

...I'll be happy to upload it to the zone!
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