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It is true that support for Spider cards has been withdrawn.

I dont think it was a misunderstanding.

Elbox created an "Anti-Piracy" feature in their usb.driver which erased the RDB of your hard drive if triggered. This angered Poseidon author who informed Elbox they could no longer include Poseidon on their CD until they removed this feature.

Elbox never complied with the authors requests for changes to the usb.driver. Sales of Poseidon keys were withdrawn to make it impossible for new Spider owners to get a Poseidon Key and existing Spider keys were made incompatible with future versions of Poseidon.

It was then Elbox was caught demoing using an older key they did not own. They claimed something like "we bought it for an employee who then left and as such we have the rights to use it". But it clearly states in the end user license that Poseidon keys are non transferrable. End of story surely?

These are not the actions of an innocent party.

All Elbox had to do was rebuild their usb.device without the malicious code and everything would have been fine.

Anyhow it is academic, Poseidon author Chris Hodges is no longer developing for the Amiga.

Have you tried Aminet?

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