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virtual reality ? that crap was pure propaganda for lamers

I remember on 1997 I got a friend which worked on a computer' enterprise

that enterprise on the year 97 offered here on argentina a special service for partys.....which service?.... the famous Virtual reality ' set...helmet+gloves which you can play games like duke nuken 3D
I remember that the VR set was really expensive...about 3000 U$
I joined sometimes my friend to the partys to make ppl know the virtual reality set

but....we hated that helmet

After you play duke nukem or doom for about 3 minits using the win a terrible headache,sickness and others traumas...
also you feel a terrible sensation of claustrophobia spiderphobia elephantphobia and others phobias

Now on the 21 century VR was abandoned to the memorial of stupids and obsolete invents.......a good start
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