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@all: I must say that I appreciate the interest you show on my remakes and on Bitmap Bros games. Me I'd be ready to pay 5000 euros for a new level set of any of the following bitmap bros game: Cadaver, Chaos Engine, Gods, Magic Pockets. The level set would have to be created by the Bros of course .

@turrican3: yes, with cybergfx at least SDL is usable (chunky pixel). Maybe some work could be ported

@graham: I understand and I don't resent your remark, sorry about my hard words. But everyone agrees that there are no more amiga games, although there's a lot of 8-bit games.
Why? Because it's a lot easier to create simple games on 8 bit computers than to create 16-bit games like Turrican or Gods, or Z-Out.
People expect more from a new amiga game than from a 8 bit game. If you want to create an amiga game now, with all the cross-compiling and stuff it will
still look like shit compared to the 1990's titles.
8 bit machines have simple palettes, gfx, and it's a lot easier to match former commercial games than on the amiga.
And the first home computers will remain the 8 bit. The amiga is good, but is an in-between machine.
Also, people who owned 8-bits tend to hack more. People who owned amigas just play games and complain about missing ports

okay. You want new amiga games? You want 8 bit games? You can have both: Check here and here tell me if you want amiga ports of those ones (those games use SDL)

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