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Originally Posted by jotd View Post
Let's face it: the classic amiga is dead. We can still play the games designed for it and enjoy them very much, but new games? noooo. If you want to play Magic Pockets, use the original !
The amiga spirit (and more generally the 16-bit spirit, ST, Arcade...) , on the other hand, will not die, because people continue to contribute to it on new machines. Check all the remakes, you'll be convinced. Let's move on!
Your words are a little hard I could say that remakes are a stupidity,they don't have sense,I prefer ALWAYS play the original game because it's better.I have not played a remake never.New games are different though and I enjoy them A LOTI have envy of C64 or Spectrum system,they have a lot of new games nowadays,are they systems dead too?
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