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@gimbal: thanks for thinking that I am cool . BTW I DO reuse stuff from Gods. All icons & map editors have been slightly adapted and it works.
About converting C++ to asm: no way josé. I'd rather try to cross compile with a very good gcc (for t3: gcc is the GNU C compiler) version. A lot of action games are coded in C on the amiga. Ok, they crawl, but I doubt they had gcc. They used that crap Lattice & MANX.
And I understand nothing about the blitter. Planar mode is a nightmare. I do that during my spare time. Why remaking Magic Pockets on the amiga: it's already there. The idea is to use the power of new PCs to enhance resolution, colors, add alpha channel, add MP3 sound. All this cannot be done on amiga classic, and not on PPCs unless some stuff is cut down.

@turrican 3: the limit of the amiga is the CPU power and also GFX power.
680x0 + planar display + chipmem = crawls.
And SDL cannot help for that since it's not designed to optimize, just make it simpler, and not designed with the amiga in mind...

Let's face it: the classic amiga is dead. We can still play the games designed for it and enjoy them very much, but new games? noooo. If you want to play Magic Pockets, use the original !
The amiga spirit (and more generally the 16-bit spirit, ST, Arcade...) , on the other hand, will not die, because people continue to contribute to it on new machines. Check all the remakes, you'll be convinced. Let's move on!
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