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When I was a little boy playing ZX speccy and C64 games I fantazised about games in which you can move around in a third person view shooting things, interact with the environment and solve puzzles, then Wolfenstein and the likes and especially Doom came and it was quite like I predicted in my little boy's mind.

Later on I expected Virtual Reality would become the new standard in the rather near future, I expected games and even interface interaction would go through virtual reality headsets expanded with sensors and such to create a realistic experience, especially in the console world i believed this would become the new norm quite soon but alas, it never happend. Now with the wii we might see a new development in that area but I doubt it really.

Originally Posted by turrican3 View Post
i thought that we will have games like prince of persia like films and thought that virtual helmet will come with new console generation before 2000 but it never happened.
If the amiga wasn't die perhaps we could have that now ?
It's too bad than 3d games killed 2d games evolution. I just still love 2d games
I completely agree with you.
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