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Things you thought you would see in 10 years time...but didnt....

The reason is because i was playing mortal kombat 2 on epsxe the other day and it took me back to when i 1st saw pitfighter/mortal kombat in the arcades and the photorealistic graphics blew me (and the gathering crowd) away. I thought at the time that one day, ALL games would have photorealistic graphics. Looking back i now realise that they were just 2d sprites and since the advent of 3d, its not possible/looks naff to have photo sprites in games. I wonder what playstation(7 maybe?) will have photo gfx?

Anyone else make predictions with games etc?

I also predicted one day the amiga would have a better OS than microsoft, and dya know what? 1 outa 2 aint bad! Workbench is still better than vista in my eyes.

Well, workbech never made me swear at the screen and think of throwin g the install disks in the bin....................
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