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It looks like just an A1200 with a DKB Spitfire 030 accelerator in the tower with no ZII/III board to speak of. If that's the case then you have a few options:

(1) Mediator PCI/Voodoo 3/4/5 combo- brand new/2ndhand (see

(2) Blizzard 1240/PPC or Blizzard 1260(/PPC) with BVision graphics card- brand new or 2ndhand (see, <a href="</a>)

(3) Pixel 64 with Ateo busboard- 2ndhand, not manufactured anymore (see

(4) ZII/ZIII/ZIV busboard plus ZII/III/IV graphics card (like a Cybervision 64/3D, Picasso IV etc.)- brand new or 2ndhand (see, for example,,

There may be a few more options, but they're expensive and not worth considering. Of the above options I think the Mediator PCI/Voodoo card is probably the most worthwhile option from a price/power perspective. It may well be the cheapest option period, depending on whether you buy brand new or 2ndhand! If you want to save some money and buy 2ndhand, then AmiBench ( is a good place to look.

In any case, you will probably need to tell us the full specifications of your A1200 when you receive it, so we can better answer your question (and to make sure I've given you some correct information here). Also, information about what you will be using your A1200 for might be useful in determining the best graphics card option. Hope this helps.
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