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Vision Factory, Red Sector and the Silents

I have been coding PC stuff for Vision Factory for a few years now but there is now a chance that I can code a few things for The Silents and Red Sector.
These 2 groups have started doing their stuff again and have joined forces to release "Old Skool", a CD packed with old school tunes from all the old favourites.

But I need some help, the demo is for the PC but will be a parody of the amiga kickstart/workbench. Now I haven't owned a working Amiga 1200/A500 for a few years now and could really do with some screen shots/anims.

I need the kickstart anim (disc going into the drive),
The CLI screen,
Plain workbench screen,
Workbench with 1 window open.

Anyone helping will be mentioned on the credits,

Thanks to anyone that can help.
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