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Hullo all

I was in Destiny from around 1990-92 as a gfx artist. Greets to all ex DTY members! I particularly remember Tango, Venom, Tantalus, Thalium. I think I briefly met a few others at the Quartz Summer Conference, and have hazy (some might say drunkard) memory of a very disorganised Destiny party in Southport at some point... ?!

I also made a good few friends via mailtrading. Andy/Doom, Scourger/DTY Norway, Barbarian/Bronx, some Irish guys... memory errors. I had about 30 people I was trading heavily with, writing long letters, and am somewhat embarrased now that I cant remember more.

I do remember the good times though. I remember bunking down in a barn after the Quartz party, and being woken up by sheep wondering why a bunch of teenagers were asleep in their hay. I remember being woken by phone calls late in the night by euro sceners who forgot about the time difference, and then could barely speak enough english for us to converse anyway. And I remember the postman used to hate me. Gawd bless stampfaking.

After dropping out from the scene in '92 I've been on the fringes of the PC scene since, and was jaded by what I saw. It seems like modem trading destroyed a lot of the friendship I remember. It seemed to go from writing long letters and enjoying l33t 0 week mailtrading stuff, to obtaining new stuff faster than anyone else - and a lot has been lost.

Kudos to those that were a part of the amiga scene, and helped make my time there as enjoyable as it was
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