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Some games ARE already in TOSEC!


Hmm...that's an unusually high frequency of non-TOSEC disks you have there.
If experienced guys like Twist have high doubts about this, he mostly has a reason.

I too had my doubts, tested some stuff and found several games already in TOSEC:

1. Suspicious Cargo. The version Djay upped is already in TOSEC.
2. Hound Of Shadow: Fredo crack - already in TOSEC.
3. Lost patrol. Trained and cracked by Horizon (+t 16). TOSEC.
4. Flying Shark. TOSEC. (1e66dbfa).
5. Amazing Spiderman. TOSEC. (639a626f).
6. Zombie Apocalypse II AGA. TOSEC. (3dcc8317)

Djay, that was a good joke.
Better check your disks THOROUGHLY first. No offense.
And get the latest dat (v0.19).


(*) Base Jumpers. Non-TOSEC, but another absolutely useless copy. Please do not include in TOSEC. Some guy ("Emulator Chicken") wanted to eternalize himself and placed his frigging kewl intro at the beginning. The version with the intro removed looks VERY common to me.

(*) Zombie Apocalypse II ("zombie 2")

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