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Talking of groups using an amiga. Some years ago there was a electro music playing 2 piece band. By the name of green - egg or egg - green. On holiday years ago, i saw this 2 piece band in a portsmouth pub. The name i think was Joiners or something similar.

Does someone know more of this 2 piece band, which were male and female. He played an amiga 500, she danced and possibly played other instruments, to long ago to remember now correctly. But the music was definatley to me of chart quality. They were friendly people to talk i remember, knowledgeable of his amiga 500 and its music ability.

Anyone know this 2 piece group name, or better, the name of band and their albums were. Maybe even Jonesey may know of this band, with knowledge of independant music groups. Would love to get their album again and any others they may have done. The album of theirs i bought on that night has long since evaporated.

If off topic, it was not intended to be.
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