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Well, WHOLE got fooled by the main guy, who claimed there is a new function built-in to "remotely" delete a member's profile you absolutely hate. This would've been, you have learned to hate this person because of this and that, have this person included in your friend's list and now you press "DELETE" and this person's profile is purged from the server. Forever.

Hordes of ppl believed it, and even backed up their profile so that it would not get lost in a "kill"

New Feature - Kills

New feature - now you can "kill" 1 member, which permanently deletes their VF account. I know there's a lot of drama going around [...] hope you enjoy, and use your "kill" wisely!

if your account gets deleted, you are free to make another account, although you will lose any of your previous data, so you may want to backup your shit just in case.

to access this feature, you must be a member of the site for atleast 3 months, have 500 rating points, and then follow the instructions here.

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