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Hey GUYS!!!

This is Jonesey from Dex and Jonesey! One of my co-producers alerted this to meet this morning, how cool!! Thanks for your brilliant compliments. I am still producing and am also running an artist management company, a lablel and my composition, producing career. The latest mixes can be found on my myspace and there is a lot more to come this year including Usher's new single. Should be up this week.

I am one step away from a major senior executive for a major record compnay which is mega exciting. Me and dex are still really close however he has given up on music just for now concerntrating on his own IT career. He was always so brilliant at computers!!!

Take care all and big up to the HOUSE beats!!!

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What happend to these guys:

Dex N Jonesy!

they did remixes and broke into the charts with their stuff! they apparantly used a couple of amiga's and protracker just like another couple of blokes called Urban shakedown did with octamed and 2 x a500's!

Also! one of the later amiga formats did a special on music production using amiga's and one of the writers put his money where his mouth was and had some vynil records of his music pressed up! anyone ever get to hear what he did?

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