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Well Well,

Imagine my surprise when I saw a headline about Amiga when I visited Toms Hardware today. It certainly shows that Amiga Inc is getting some visibility in the scene today.
After being dissapointed time and time again by the companies that represented the Amiga name it is difficult raising hopes again. But I think Amiga Inc is doing a good job of at least creating interest again in the die hard computer scene.
I do think they lack a serious proffesional approach in keeping there promises which is why I'm glad we don't have to rely on them to provide us with the goods. It may be a good thing they've outsourced the development of the OS to somebody who really has the interest of the Amiga at heart.
I hope they can deliver us an OS which holds the idea of what a reall (Amiga!)OS should be like.
The reason why I liked Amiga in the first place was because I shared their idea of what a computer was supposed to be. Fun to work with as well as usefull, not just a dead piece of electronics sitting on your desk.

Anyway it all boils down to this: I don't trust Amiga Inc but I'll still give them a chance to prove themselves.
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