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i had a 1.2 A500 as my starting point too, and stuck with it ever since...
mostly my "amiga friends" were similarly geeky mates at school. the amiga just gave us a common ground. we were from differing machines, commodore 64, speccy ZX81, Vic20, Amstrad CPC464... then i got an A500 and then someone else saw it, and pester powered their parents into getting one, then someone got the (wow!) 1Mb ram upgrade, someone else got an external disk drive... it got to the point where we'd all meet up at someones house for an entire weekend of linkup games, demos, octamed tunes... upto ten+ amigas running for 2 solid days in one room attended to by caffinated teenagers. great days.
people slowly upgraded to A1200's, but i stuck by my 3.1'd A500 with A570, 2Mb DKB megachip, ICD Add-IDE, and M-Tec 28Mhz 020+882+4Mb...
There were a few BBS's that we sat on, my best mate was on the "magic mushrooms BBS", i was on another one, someone else was on somewhere else, and we'd gather together and share what we'd got... i was the first with a 14.4 modem, a big jump from 2400, then people got 28.8's, and 33.6's...
it was when people started to split off for university it started to fall apart. but there is still a bunch (of which i am one) that meet up occasionally. its not so much totally amiga anymore, as a weekend celebration of beer, pizza, and multiplayer lan games.

Roll Call...
TomThumb, MIA, A1200, last seen being a PC games developer
Rory, MIA, A1200, last seen being a student,
Geff, MIA, A1200, last seen developing XML for mobiles
Axtel, non-active, A1200, accountant for an investment bank
Elton, non-active, A1200, Police Sergent
Witt, active, A1200, an accountant for a marketing firm
Scud, active, A1200, develops apps for symbianOS
Gobbo, active, A1200, webdeveloper in the london somewhere
Banksy, MIA, A500+, last seen being a student
Byrnes, non-active, A1200, Dentist in training
Chalky, MIA, A1200, last seen being a student
Parker, MIA, A500+, last seen being a student
Jollard, MIA, A500+, last seen being a fasion slave
Acrigg, MIA, A1200, last seen being a student
Me, Active, A1200, unix server admin

6 out of 15 ain't bad i guess
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