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Funnily enough I do have a soft spot for this style of computer...

...I'm not sure if it's just nostalgia or if it's actually a good idea.

I've come across these before while looking to see if any still made a 'useful' computer in this form-factor. Didn't buy because to me it's too costly, GFX is not good, and it's pig-ugly - not important in a computer? Well, if it's going to sit on my desk with friends pointing & saying 'WTF is that?' it at least needs to look 'cool'.
(There are good-ish laptop GFX cards that they could have fitted in there)

Um, I built a PC into an Acorn A3000 case for the same (cooler?) effect - with a decent GFX card.

Though I take the point about lan parties I wonder if computer built into / mounted behind a TFT is a better solution these days - More room for modern components and their necessary cooling. I can't tell you how hard it was to fit a decent GFX card into a 'wedgie' case...

...oops, rambling - I've had my verbal diarrhea head on for the last few days.
(yum, that's conjures up a pleasant image)
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