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Moving on to PC demos... The lower tier is ok here and there, getting to 8th place and they get good.

The top four really shine. Falling Down (4th place) is just brilliant. Really enjoyed it as a whole. Shad 3 (3rd) is well worth the look.. Gives an early impression of a game intro.. Just seemed to be begging for something that would bind the scenes together somehow. Excellent, but not perfect. Metamorphosis though seemed lacking. Arty, but never catches on and doesn't impress (me). Masagin had me wondering at the start but just keeps going on and on and is really fantastic. Almost a shame it's an invite, but they killed two birds with one stone I guess.

My top three, Falling Down (1st), Masagin, then Shad 3.

(was saving the Amiga for last, probably check those out tomorrow or later tonight..)
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