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I'm still going through stuff, slowly but surely. (and this is all, of course, just my opinion..)

The photo compo was unimpressive. I'm not even sure why this is a competition to be honest. Freestyle graphics were interesting, but nothing really grabbed me at all. The winner did seem best, I guess. In the 4k graphics compo, the winner, ixaleno, is absolutely fantastic. Makes the other entries look sick (though, for 4k they don't seem bad..). Probably could have also won in freestyle.

Anyone have the C64 graphics entries? The dir on the web site is empty, though the results show they did have the compo..

As for music... In a sweeping generality, the newschool stuff sounded worse than oldschool (all IMO) and none really stood out. Same with streaming -- except the winner, If you really want to xxxx insert your xxxx, I thought was excellent.

As for demos, I've only gone through the C64 ones so far.. Favorites 3 is ok, but still a music disk. Iloliemi was funny and pretty good. I enjoyed that one, even better than the two that placed higher (the invite was mediocre at best, no idea why that rated and Natur Pur had a couple nice effects but super short). But Cauldron was a real demo. Very impressive, great music, effects, and held a theme. Put the rest to shame.
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