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Scoopex1988.Org version 1.02E+ :) finished

Sorry for forgetting to post this news here last Friday. I guess Breakpoint and a cold got in the way ... but I'm not making excuses, there are none.

Anyway, now I've patched it to give IE6 the invalid code it needs to not throw a fit. Tested working in Opera, Firefox, Safari, IE alternative etc...

It has (ugly quick-converted swf) vids with sound, so NSFW if your box has speakers. You can also download top-quality .mp4s of the vids..

(If you absolutely cannot get some feature to work, drop me a message As for a few flaws with IE6 still, I know all of them and will be fixed, and also a few small styling details.)

Maybe later we will be hosted on/linked from, tmb seemed earnest in leaving the 'split Scoopex' with one real Scoopex and one 'new kids on the block Scoopex' when he saw we're getting active for real.

So anyway welcome all, bring your kids.

Hey-hos to Hippie2000, nice talking to you at BP, and thanks to Schlauchi and the RAG team for getting me started on the mp4 business.
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