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Originally posted by Shadowen
I've got an A4000/060/150Mhz 604e/Voodoo 3 3000/Delfina/128Mb/OS3.9 set-up in a custom full-size Micronik tower (gotta love the Germans!!!). Runs quite nicely compared to my office P150 desktop, but that's not surprising given the low specs of the PC.
Nice specs on the A4000 there, you lucky bastard

How come you still have an old machine like that unless you are running Linux or DOS apps? I've setup an old K6-2/450 for a DOS box so I could run some old DOS based games and I still have a couple of old P-200's lying around but they were a little on the slow side for my needs. But hey, if this machine still does work for you and does it well then why get rid of it
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