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A game that hasn't been mentioned is Monkey Business, a Donkey Kong clone released by The Other Valley Software. Reportedly, it was the first commercial game ever released for the Amiga in 1985:

Peter Olafson makes the claim in the Usenet thread above and I trust what he says for good reason. He reviewed Amiga games for Amiga World and other U.S magazines from 1985 until the the late 90s, and still has a very avid interest in games for the Amiga and other platforms (see his recent posts on EAB).

The sticking point perhaps for including Monkey Business in your book is that it can't be found anywhere on the net, and I've never seen an original copy of it being sold anywhere (although it was advertised all over the place in U.S. Amiga mags for many, many months after it's 1985 release). Perhaps a PM to Peter might uncover more about this game.

As for the games you've chosen, I think they're all pretty good choices except for Leader Board. This was very much an 8-bit game, and IMHO lost a little of its playability on the Amiga despite improving the aesthetics some. Mean 18 was more 16-bit style because it was a golf simulation as opposed to an arcade golf game ala Leader Board. Anyway, that's my 2c.....

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