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Originally Posted by alexh View Post
Remember that KS3.1 is post Commodore.

It was published by VillageTronic
The standalone versions were post-Commodore, but KS 3.1 was present in the limited number of A4000Ts (V40.70) that C= produced in the U.S. and Europe before they went bust in '94. Interestingly, Greg Donner's webpage also suggests that some CD32s were equipped with KS 3.1 (V40.56-V40.60) too, which is something I didn't know:

Anyway, this thread is all moot and an old post of mine explains why:

Now that Acer owns Gateway, presumably they own the patents to all Amiga IP (including the KS roms) and AI's license to them from Gateway is still good.

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